7" x 7" Vintage Burlap on Brown Paper, Pretzel Bag - French Fry Bag - Sandwich Bag, Cone Basket Liner, 2000/ Case

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Vintage Brown Pretzel Bag,  7" x 7" Burlap on Brown Food Safe Paper, 2000/ Case

 7" x 7" Vintage Burlap on Brown Paper, Food Safe Double Open Bag, 2000 pieces/ case.


Perfect for a pretzel bag, french fry bag, wire cone basket liner, dessert holder, sandwich paper bag, or to go bag for your restaurant, deli, pub, bakery, food truck, or concession stand.


They are also pre folded to make a cone-shaped liner, perfect for use with many of our cone wire baskets.


They provide a quick and easy solution for hassle free service. 


Since paper liners are microwave safe, conveniently reheat food while it's still wrapped.