Food Basket Liners, Case of 2000, 7" x 7" Paper Cone

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Food Basket Liners,  Case of 2000, 7" x 7", Brown or White Paper Cones

7" x 7" Cone Basket Liner / Deli Wrap Paper / Double Open Bag, Case of 2000

Made with special soy food-safe inks, this deli sandwich wrap paper will not stain your customer's food and is safe to place food directly on the printed surface.

These waxed-coated paper liners will prevent oil, sauces, and malt vinegar from producing a greasy mess making it a perfect choice for any restaurant, deli, pub, bakery, food truck, or a concession stand.

They provide a quick and easy solution for hassle-free service.

Since paper liners are microwave safe, you can conveniently reheat food while it's still wrapped.