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5" x 4" Serving Fry Basket, 3.25" Tall

5" x 4" Serving Fry Basket, 3.25" Tall

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The Specialty Servingware collection is all about fun and engaging guests. Many pieces feature charming styles like rocket- or boat-shaped onion ring servers, and even a taco holder and a basket shaped like a guitar. To balance the collection, we also included some traditionally-shaped cups, cones and grid baskets perfect for fried side dishes. Any way you decide to use these pieces, you’re sure to get the ”Wow!” reaction all chefs crave.


Dishwasher Safe




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MaterialMetal: Stainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Diameter3.25 in8.26 cm
Length5.0 in12.7 cm
Width4.0 in10.16 cm
Height3.25 in8.26 cm

Collection: Dinnerware

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