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32 oz. (35 oz. Rim-Full), 4.13" Cooler, 7.25" Tall (Set of 4 ea.)

32 oz. (35 oz. Rim-Full), 4.13" Cooler, 7.25" Tall (Set of 4 ea.)

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  • Commercial Quality Designed for restaurants, these timeless tumblers can withstand frequent daily use making them ideal for both professional and home use
  • Stackable Tapered bottoms allow cups to nest for efficient storage while built-in stacking lugs ensure cups never jam or stick together
  • Shatterproof Made from high-strength plastic, these tumblers are tough and resist cracking and shattering even when dropped
  • Dishwasher Safe For use in residential and commercial dishwashers
  • 100% BPA Free and Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation


BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe

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Capacity32.0 oz0.95 l
Capacity - Rim Full35.0 oz1.04 l
Diameter4.13 in10.49 cm
Top Diameter4.13 in10.49 cm
Length4.14 in10.52 cm
Width4.14 in10.52 cm
Height7.3 in18.54 cm

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