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12" x 9" Oval Platter (12 Pack)

12" x 9" Oval Platter (12 Pack)

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Pure nautical fun, the Freeport collection features a clever rope pattern playfully looping around the rim into a square knot at the top of each piece and an overhand knot at the bottom, anchoring your presentations and delighting your guests. Use this cute collection to serve all kinds of seafood from fried shrimp to boiled crab and more.

  • Classic Design The 12 x 9" oval dinner platter ideal for serving entres, appetizers and desserts
  • Heavy-Duty Thick and sturdy designed for daily use in diners, restaurants and hotels
  • Shatterproof Wont chip, shatter or break when dropped
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA Free


BPA Free, Break Resistant, Dishwasher Safe & Stackable

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Length11.89 in30.2 cm
Width8.98 in22.81 cm
Height0.91 in2.31 cm

Collection: Dishes & Platters

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